Facebook Advertising: Quick Tips

By Hannah Ketelhut Jason Dodge from Black Truck Media shared with our members last Tuesday about the benefits of social media advertising – specifically focusing on Facebook. Having a basic knowledge of Facebook advertising will be extremely beneficial for us as students as we enter the industry. Why is Facebook advertising so effective? Jason mentioned… Continue reading Facebook Advertising: Quick Tips

Let’s Get Visible: A Guide to SEO for Students

By Dan Goubert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem intimidating, and it’s true that a full college textbook—let alone a single blog post—couldn’t cover all of its nuances. But even though SEO is pretty deep, you don’t have to dive all the way to the bottom: simply learning to swim in it will be helpful… Continue reading Let’s Get Visible: A Guide to SEO for Students

3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

By Rachael Vruggink Writer’s block, as defined by our dear friend Merriam-Webster, as “the problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to finish writing a story, poem, etc.” You don’t need to be a bonafide writer to catch a case of writer’s block. It can happen… Continue reading 3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

Beef Up Your Copywriting

By Dan Goubert Get paid to eat hamburgers! Now that I grabbed your attention (I learned that in Headline Writing 101), what if you actually could eat hamburgers and consider it “part of your job?” Let me back it up… On a basic level, advertising copywriters create the written words, known as “copy,” for advertisements. This can… Continue reading Beef Up Your Copywriting

LinkedIn: It’s the Key to Your Future

By Mari Behovitz “What’s the point of having a LinkedIn Account?” It’s incredible how many times I have heard my classmates make this remark. Just the other day, one of my classmates mentioned that he thought at this phase in our lives it doesn’t make sense to have a profile on LinkedIn. The phase he referred… Continue reading LinkedIn: It’s the Key to Your Future