Google Analytics: It’s time to get certified

By Danielle Talbot What could you be doing right now that would instantly help boost your resume? The correct answer is getting yourself certified in Google Analytics. Google Analytics is becoming an increasingly sought after skill in the job market. The good news for you is that getting certified is free and can be done all… Continue reading Google Analytics: It’s time to get certified

Dan Drullinger: A Strategic Mind

By Courtney Lang When there’s an advertising professional stuck in Texas and we’re in Michigan, the only way to handle it is by utilizing technology. For the first time, EVER, Grand Valley’s Advertising Club had a skype call instead of an in-person visit. That’s right, Senior Strategist Dan Drullinger just made history. We weren’t going to… Continue reading Dan Drullinger: A Strategic Mind

Creative Crawl: 1 Day, 4 Tours, Nonstop Rain

By Alex Knaisel After months of constant contact with 4 renown agencies and broadcasting to our members, Creative Crawl had finally arrived. The evening began around 5 pm at Grand Rapids Brewing Company. Students mingled and buzzed in excitement before choosing their travel group. Each group started at one of the four agencies participating in… Continue reading Creative Crawl: 1 Day, 4 Tours, Nonstop Rain

Speed Mentoring: Every Minute Counts

By Rachael Vruggink We’re fortunate to have tons of advertising and marketing professionals so close by, and even more fortunate that they’re willing to share their time and knowledge with us. Our most recent event—Speed Mentor Dating—was a culmination of just that. With the help of the AdFed, over a dozen professionals from agencies, firms,… Continue reading Speed Mentoring: Every Minute Counts

Billboard Ads: A Challenging Yet Lively Medium

By Evan LaVigne Digital media has transitioned itself to the forefront of the advertising modern world. This can be seen with the increased use of SEO, banner advertisements, and social media. However, aside from the hodgepodge of the online techniques, there is still a potent force of physical advertising media out in front of the eyes… Continue reading Billboard Ads: A Challenging Yet Lively Medium

Ad Club’s Eboard: A Family in the Making

By Courtney Lang Elections for the 2017-18 Eboard are coming up, and we want you to come join the family. Here are the reasons you should consider applying for each position, coming directly from the person currently holding it on the board: President – Rachael Vruggink For the second year in a row, I’ve acted… Continue reading Ad Club’s Eboard: A Family in the Making

Auxiliary Tour 2017

By Joey Parks Last Monday, a handful of Ad Club members visited Auxiliary Inc, an advertising and design agency in downtown Grand Rapids. Opened in 2006 under Tom Crimp, Auxiliary is dedicated to creating long-lasting relationships with their clients both large and small. The agency works with brands such as Chacao, Amway, Steelcase, Uncle John’s… Continue reading Auxiliary Tour 2017