Let’s Get Visible: A Guide to SEO for Students

By Dan Goubert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may seem intimidating, and it’s true that a full college textbook—let alone a single blog post—couldn’t cover all of its nuances. But even though SEO is pretty deep, you don’t have to dive all the way to the bottom: simply learning to swim in it will be helpful… Continue reading Let’s Get Visible: A Guide to SEO for Students

Gaining Experience: Mari’s Style

By Mari Behovitz “Freshman year I was intimidated, shy, and had absolutely no clue which direction I wanted to go into within the Advertising and Public Relations field. I was completely lost on how I should approach getting a job within the industry. If any of you feel like this now, don’t worry, there is… Continue reading Gaining Experience: Mari’s Style

Preventing Chaotic Group Projects

By Courtney Lang “This project will be done in groups of three to four people…” Hearing a teacher say that your next project will be done in groups can either be a sense of joy or the feeling that the world is about to collapse from underneath you. Learning how to deal with tough predicaments within groups is… Continue reading Preventing Chaotic Group Projects

Google Analytics: Inside and Out

By Dan Goubert Plenty of students, myself included, would love to land a job at Google. Whether or not we actually land a job there amongst the thousands of daily applicants, Google’s extensive line of web apps and tools will doubtlessly influence our future careers and continued education. While the plethora of digital marketing opportunities… Continue reading Google Analytics: Inside and Out

Peter Corbett: Setting a New Standard

By Alex Rabideau This past Wednesday, Grand Valley’s Advertising Club had the wonderful opportunity to sit in on one of Peter Corbett’s presentations. If you are in the advertising industry, or want to be in the future, you should know who he is. Acting as the current CEO of iStrategyLabs, Peter and his crew have… Continue reading Peter Corbett: Setting a New Standard

Inbound Marketing is Taking Over

By Courtney Lang Grand Valley’s Advertising Club had the privilege of having John Heritage from HA speak at our last meeting on Inbound Marketing. Additionally, two Laker Alumni (Ben Johnson and Julianna Grucz) who work with John joined us as well. They discussed the steps of Inbound Marketing and using programs such as HubSpot to… Continue reading Inbound Marketing is Taking Over