Snapchat Advertising: A New Way To Reach Millennials

By Danielle Talbot Snapchat has developed a whole new way of communicating with friends. It allows users to share short and consumable content that is only available for one to ten seconds. It’s like Twitter and Youtube combined. Snapchat is not meant to be used to sell a product or service. It is used to… Continue reading Snapchat Advertising: A New Way To Reach Millennials

Advertising Club’s Speed Mentoring

By Meg Scott Networking. The word can be intimidating, but it does not have to be. Advertising Club eliminates the pressure of networking and welcomes casual conversation and a fun environment. On October 25th, Advertising Club hosted Speed Mentoring at Grand Rapids Brewing Company for the second time in Ad Club history. The event was… Continue reading Advertising Club’s Speed Mentoring

Facebook: Making Advertising More Precise

By Katie Hermiller Facebook advertisements have existed since the start of Facebook, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. How they are created is an aspect that all advertisers need to learn and understand, especially for social media purposes. Today, we will discuss the importance of utilizing Facebook advertisements and how we can create an… Continue reading Facebook: Making Advertising More Precise

Ad Club’s Creative Workshop: The Adobe Suite

By Christine Melvin Last week, Grand Valley’s Advertising Club was lucky enough to have Ray Cashbaugh stop by to lead a workshop on the Adobe Creative Suite. Ray works for Brilliance Publishing, which is an Amazon-owned company. He started his education at Grand Valley but ended up graduating from Kendall College with a Graphic Design… Continue reading Ad Club’s Creative Workshop: The Adobe Suite

Wendy’s: The Social Branding Mastermind

By Evan LaVigne It’s 2017 and social media is prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives. These platforms are used by the masses to take in everything from pop culture to major political announcements. According to the Pew Research Center 2017, 69% of the public uses some form of social media, which is up from… Continue reading Wendy’s: The Social Branding Mastermind