Executive Board

Fall 2016 – Winter 2017

President – Rachael Vruggink


Going into her senior year at GVSU, Rachael Vruggink is taking the reins again as the Ad Club’s president. After completing internships in the non-profit and start-up sectors, Rachael launched her own freelance copywriting and PR company called Happy Henrietta. When she’s not weaving through the aisles of a flea market or loitering at one of GR’s coffee shops, Rachael is working on happyhenrietta.com and client projects.
Favorite Ad of 2016:
My favorite ad of this year is called #LoveAtFirstTaste. It’s for Unilever’s largest food brand, Knorr. This branding campaign matched up singles based on their flavor profiles. In addition to being insanely creative, the conjunction of intimate and awkward can’t help but make you say “awww.”

Vice President – Mari Behovitz


Mari will be returning as Vice President this year in her second year on the advertising club executive board. Entering into her senior year of college, Mari is excited to complete her final year at GVSU. Mari enjoys being involved in campus life as a member in both Advertising Club and PRSSA. In addition to coursework and advertising club, Mari has also gained experience in the industry through her two internships. Mari has served as the communications intern for the Insurance Institute of Michigan and the Social Media and Communications Coordinator for Tri-County Triad. This year Mari is excited to be a member of the NSAC team.

When Mari is not in class or in an advertising club meeting you can find her at her second home, the Laker Store. Here she works as a student associate in the copy center. Mari enjoys spending time at her family cottage and doing Pinterest crafts with friends.

Favorite Ad of 2016: 

While many advertisements in 2016 caught my attention the advertisement that intrigued me the most was the #LikeAGirl campaign for Always. This campaign was meaningful and addressed real issues. I also thought it was cool that through advertising club we were able to tour the agency behind this great advertisement, Leo Burnett.

Events Director – Alex Rabideau

AlexRabideauAlex Rabideau is a senior at GVSU, working towards a bachelors degree in Advertising and Public Relations (with an emphasis on advertising). Before joining the GVSU Ad Club, Alex was the President of the GVSU Men’s Water Polo team. Now that he doesn’t have to explain to people what water polo is, Alex plans to throw all of his time into being the new Events Director for the GVSU Ad Club, working with the other Ad Club Officers to create fun and fantastical events for the advertising students of Grand Valley State University. When Alex isn’t working on school projects or helping the Ad Club, he is either playing games or hanging out with friends. Coming from a small town in western Michigan, Alex wants to explore the world, creating advertisements all over the globe as a digital strategist.

Favorite Ad of 2016:
Android: Rock, Paper, Scissors. Simply put, it’s probably the most charming commercial I’ve ever seen. Within the span of sixty-seconds, this commercial shows how fundamentally different people are still able to work together and be friends. It’s sincere, beautiful, and still sells the Android brand.

Communications Director – Hannah Ketelhut


Hannah is entering her junior year at GVSU with a major in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in business. Aside from ad club, Hannah is involved in PRSSA, Young Life, and CM Life Groups. She also works to keep the student body caffeinated as a barista at Starbucks, and works a second job as a desk assistant downtown at Winter Hall. During the summer, she can be found dressing up in ridiculous costumes and singing around a campfire in the Upper Peninsula as a camp counselor.

Favorite Ad of 2016:
My favorite advertisement of 2016 is easily the “Thank You Mom” campaign for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games by P&G. I liked that they showed the personal side of Olympic athletes, meanwhile appealing emotionally to viewers.  I thought it was a creative, touching, and original tribute to the mothers that sacrifice so much for their children – which is something audiences can personally relate to. Grab your tissues and check it out here.

Communications Co-Chair – Lauren Lesniak

IMG_3307Lauren Lesniak is a junior at Grand Valley majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Marketing.  She is the Communications Co-chair for Advertising club.  Her hobbies include photography, sign language, and creative writing.  Her dream job would be photographing for Seventeen magazine but with her degree in communications she hopes to work for a magazine company with either writing or creative aspects.  She became interested in advertising because it utilizes creativity while also being strategic.  She has worked as a hostess in restaurants which has allowed her to use and enhance her communication skills through constantly engaging with others.  The experience has also allowed her to improve her problem solving abilities which she enjoys because the end result leads to people being happy.

Favorite Ad of 2016:
My favorite commercial of 2016 was the Doritos commercial during Super Bowl with the dogs.  As a dog owner and lover, I really enjoyed their usage of dogs because of the connection it made with the audience.

Membership Director – Dan Goubert

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAihAAAAJGY3NWM3Mjk1LWEyZDAtNDhlYy1hNmQ2LTZkY2ViNDc4ZmQzZA.jpgDan Goubert is returning to the helm of the member-ship for 2016-2017. As Membership Director, it’s Dan’s job to advertise Advertising Club to prospective and current members—how meta!

A junior studying Advertising and Writing, Dan brings his studies into the real world as a copywriting intern at a digital marketing agency, a professional snack reviewer at The Impulsive Buy (seriously!), and a lifelong breakfast cereal journalist on his own blog (Cerealously!).

Dan aspires to be a career copywriter, so he can use his spirited witticisms for more constructive purposes than detailed burrito cross-analyses.


Favorite Ad of 2016:
“Pool Party” is from Lucky Charms’ recent mascot redesign campaign. It’s my favorite, because the stylish animation is like an Adventure Time cartoon full of Saturday morning cereal nostalgia!

Treasurer – Frank Viglione


Frank Viglione is a senior at Grand Valley State University double majoring in Advertising, Public Relations and Communication Studies. After graduation Frank hopes to obtain a position utilizing writing and content creation. His dream job would be writing scripts and storyboards for commercials.
Frank is currently an marketing and communications intern at Shefit Apparel. He has assisted Shefit develop creative strategy and worked in a social media war room for the company’s Shark Tank airing.
 When Frank isn’t doing homework or working at Shefit, he is typically making a fool of himself on various social media platforms

Favorite Ad of 2016:
Frank has always had a soft spot for dachshunds and an even softer spot for ketchup condiments. So when Heinz launched their Super Bowl spot, he was in pure wiener dog bliss. This ad brings a smile to ones face and blends simplicity with cleverness.

Professional Development Administrator – Courtney Lang

Chead shot (1)ourtney is a junior at Grand Valley who is double majoring in Advertising and Writing. Last semester she stepped up as AD Clubs official blogger, which inspired her to get further involved within the club by taking on this role. She will continue to maintain the blog as well as this new position. Her current goal is to become a Copywriter or Creative Director within an advertising agency. The reason she is drawn towards Advertising is because of her desire to become a part of a world full of creativity, persuasion, and memorability.

Her hobbies include writing in her spare time, and playing tennis competitively. She began playing tennis at the age of five and has continued on for the past fifteen years. She has successfully completed two years as a varsity athlete at GVSU.

Favorite Ad of 2016:

I have several favorite ads of 2016, but one that definitely stands out in my mind right now is the T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad because of how they strategically used Steve Harvey. They had Steve Harvey comically addressed his mistake with the Miss. America crowning by explaining how this time Verizon got it wrong and not him.

Faculty Advisor – Robin Spring