Executive Board

Fall 2017-2018

President – Dan Goubert

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAihAAAAJGY3NWM3Mjk1LWEyZDAtNDhlYy1hNmQ2LTZkY2ViNDc4ZmQzZA.jpgAfter being the membership director for the past two years, Dan Goubert has now taken the role as Advertising Club’s President.

A senior, studying Advertising and Writing, Dan brings his studies into the real world as a copywriting intern at a digital marketing agency, a professional snack reviewer at The Impulsive Buy (seriously!), and a lifelong agency breakfast cereal journalist on his own blog (Cerealously!).

Dan aspires to be a career Copywriter so he can use his spirited witticisms for more constructive purposes than detailed burrito cross-analyses.

Favorite Advertisement:
“Pool Party” is from Lucky Charms’ recent mascot redesign campaign. It’s my favorite because the stylish animation is like an Adventure Time cartoon full of Saturday morning cereal nostalgia!

Vice President & Blogging Chair – Courtney Lang


Courtney Lang is a senior at Grand Valley who is double majoring in Advertising and Writing. She is the one that you constantly see posting on Orgsync and also publishing blog posts every week.

Her current goal is to become an Account Planner at an advertising agency. Eventually, she hopes to open her own agency and make a huge impact in the advertising world. The reason she is drawn towards Advertising is because of her desire to become a part of a world full of creativity, persuasion, and memorability.

Her hobbies include writing in her spare time, working out, and playing tennis. She played tennis for 15 years of her life and also successfully completed two years as a varsity athlete at GVSU. Now, she is trying something new by participating in Grand Valley’s Boxing Club.

Favorite Advertisement:
I have several favorite advertisements, but one that definitely stands out in my mind is Audi’s commercial involving one of their cars and a depressed T-Rex. The commercial was called The Comeback. It gets me emotional every single time I watch it.

Events Director – Meg Scott


Meg is a Senior majoring in Advertising/Public Relations with an emphasis in Advertising. She is also minoring in Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Meg is Ad Club’s event director for this school year. She is also heavily involved with Whale Radio on campus working as the promotions director for her second year.

Meg has had three internships so far, which include: A marketing intern at Ghost Rocket Music, a Hospitality & Sales intern at The PGA Senior Tour in Benton Harbor, MI., and Digitaslbi in Detroit as a project management intern. She has a strong passion for travel, music, art, creative thinking, humor and fun. She wants to find a career with all of these things or most. She doesn’t want her career to seem like work at all.

Favorite Advertisement:
Apple’s iPhone 7 plus barbershop ad. The ad focuses on the phones portrait mode once again but takes a fun creative spin on it. It shows a variety of people and takes you by surprise. The music, the camera shots, and storyline all work so well together.

Communications Director (aka The Social Media Queen) – Danielle Talbot


Danielle Talbot is taking over Ad Club’s social media channels as the 2017-2018 Communications Chair. Currently, she is a senior studying Advertising/Public Relations and apart of Grand Valley’s NSAC team. This is Danielle’s second year at Grand Valley; however, being a transfer student has never set her back.

She already has an Associate’s degree in Business and chose to add Advertising to the mix because she wanted something that gave her the freedom to express creativity. When she is not working at the GVSU Laker Store, Danielle also enjoys reading, crocheting, and spending time with her cat; old lady achievement, unlocked.

Favorite Advertisement:
Being so close to my dad, there is no other commercial that hits closer to home than Extra Gum; birds. For me, this commercial reminds me of my dad and the little origami figurines he always makes me out of straw wrappers. Emotionally engaging, this Extra Gum commercial sure goes the extra mile in my heart.

Communications Co-Chair & Secretary – Evan LaVigne


Evan LaVigne is a sophomore at Grand Valley pursuing a degree in Advertising/Public Relations while minoring in writing. He enjoys working on all aspects of advertising club, especially the agency tours that the club offers.

When looking ahead into his career, Evan looks forward to working for a small agency as a strategist/copywriter. When not working, he’s usually wrapped up in a book or the newest Netflix series.

Favorite Advertisement:
My favorite ad that I can think of on the spot isn’t the traditional type. I love how Wendy’s has utilized Twitter, particularly for the #nuggsforcarter campaign. What started off as a simple fan tweet turned into an opportunity for Wendy’s to have their name associated with the most retweeted tweet on Twitter.

Membership Director – Hailey Kilbarger


Upon her return from the alluring land of Spain, Hailey joined this year’s e-board to spread the word about Advertising Club. As a senior majoring in Advertising with minors in both Spanish and Applied Statistics, she brings a dynamic background to the table.

She started as an unpaid intern for a Small Business that supports entrepreneurs and worked her way up the internship ladder to a corporate office in Detroit this past summer. She takes advantage of any opportunity that is thrown her way and will be working as an intern at Auxiliary Advertising & Design this semester.  

Being from the east side of the mitten, she really enjoys to getting out and exploring the mysteries of the west. As an avid coffee drinker and fellow lover of good food, she relishes in the wide variety of restaurants and cafes in Grand Rapids. After graduating, she hopes to work at an agency doing work that she loves.

Favorite Advertisement:
The Dog Lion. This ad gets me every time. It’s kind of corny, but so cute. Anyone who has a dog can relate to that feeling you have when your dog looks sad or left out. It’s as if he/she is a human who can’t talk but communicates with their eyes. This ad is just so cute and I love that there is no dialogue and it can be understood in any country because it tells a story without words.

Treasurer – Tara O’Connor


Going into her senior year, Tara O’Connor will be taking on the Treasurer position for the GVSU Advertising Club. Originally planning on majoring in education and writing, she has since found a passion for the creative and expressive aspects of advertising.

Tara now works as a marketing intern for the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan and is a proud member of Grand Valley’s National Student Advertising Competition Team. The interconnection of communication, design, business, and art are just some of the many reasons she finds advertising so fascinating and diverse.

When Tara is not working on major projects for school, you can find her relaxing with some of her favorite video games, or playing guitar/piano. She one day hopes to pursue a career in the field and assist others in spreading their brand messages and passions.

Favorite Advertisement:
One of my all-time favorite advertisements would be the P&G Thank You Mom campaign for the Olympics. This ad played on my emotions and deep love for my family. It also somehow managed to inspire me at the same time. There are no Ads that I love more than ones that pull on your emotional heartstrings; what can I say? I’m a softie.

Graphics Design Chair – Casey VanDerGraaf

IMG_7661 copy.jpg

Casey is going on his senior year at Grand Valley State University. He has already acquired his graphic design degree and is now pursuing an Advertising/Public Relations major in order to become a double threat. Casey is not only involved with ad club but also participates in Grand Valleys National Student Advertising Competition Team.

For the past two years, he has been working at G5 Outdoors. He started as a graphic designer and then moved his way to the advertising side of the creative team as well. Traveling and exploration are very important to him, so being a part of a creative team that does just that to create content is a dream come true. Along with everything else he participates in, he started up his own online business (Roar Golf) to combine his passion for Golf, Design, and Advertising.

Favorite Advertisements:
As a huge hockey fan, I love the campaigns that the NHL does at the start of each playoff season. They pull at the emotional ties that fans and players have to the game. As a designer and videographer, they do a great job every year keeping it consistent and still getting everyone so involved and excited about the playoffs.

Graphics Design Co-Chair – Christine Melvin


Christine is going into her junior year at GVSU. She is majoring in Advertising & PR (ad emphasis, obviously), with a minor in Graphic Design, technically studio art. Along with ad club, Christine is also on the board of an organization called Camp Kesem, and is on the NSAC team.

Over the summer she had an internship in the Marketing Communications department at a company called Terumo, where she spent the summer helping with design, the website, and tackling a huge photo project. Christine currently works in the office of the math department at Grand Valley.

Favorite Advertisements:
The 2017 Buick Enclave commercial has to be my favorite. I love this ad solely for the little boy with the tuba. As an advertising student you’d think I’d have a more sophisticated answer but truly I just love dumb humor.

Faculty Advisor – Robin Spring