Dan Drullinger: A Strategic Mind

By Courtney Lang When there’s an advertising professional stuck in Texas and we’re in Michigan, the only way to handle it is by utilizing technology. For the first time, EVER, Grand Valley’s Advertising Club had a skype call instead of an in-person visit. That’s right, Senior Strategist Dan Drullinger just made history. We weren’t going to… Continue reading Dan Drullinger: A Strategic Mind

Speed Mentoring: Every Minute Counts

By Rachael Vruggink We’re fortunate to have tons of advertising and marketing professionals so close by, and even more fortunate that they’re willing to share their time and knowledge with us. Our most recent event—Speed Mentor Dating—was a culmination of just that. With the help of the AdFed, over a dozen professionals from agencies, firms,… Continue reading Speed Mentoring: Every Minute Counts

Talking Twitter with Jacob Acker

By Delaney MacKenzie Last Tuesday Jacob Acker, who is an Alumni of Grand Valley and currently a Marketing Account Coordinator at RCP Marketing, spoke with our Advertising Club. RCP Marketing, as stated in the name, is a full-service marketing firm. After a brief introduction, Jacob began to discuss specifics about twitter strategies and personal branding.… Continue reading Talking Twitter with Jacob Acker

The Power of “Internet of Things” with Kwesi Robertson and Sanaz Hamid

By Alex Rabideau This past Tuesday, Grand Valley’s Advertising Club was visited by two lovely guests from Amway’s digital team, Kwesi Robertson and Sanaz Hamid. When most people think of Amway, the first thought that comes to mind are their health and beauty products; however, Kwesi and Sanaz informed us right off the bat that… Continue reading The Power of “Internet of Things” with Kwesi Robertson and Sanaz Hamid

Kelley Freridge: The Social Media Guru Behind Chaco

By Hannah Ketelhut Social media is so much more than fake candid photos of girls laughing and hilarious memes that your parents will never understand. Social media is a direct conversation from the company to the consumer, and every post is important. As Kelley Freridge said, “social media is a weapon of mass destruction.” So,… Continue reading Kelley Freridge: The Social Media Guru Behind Chaco

Rivka Kawano: A Social Media Superhero

By Alex Knaisel If you’re a college student reading this, then you’ve probably heard your professors call your generation the tech savvy, technologically literate, or social media trendsetters. Before you get too cocky, we’ve met someone who knows a thing or two about making that same social media work for businesses and the real world… Continue reading Rivka Kawano: A Social Media Superhero

Facebook Advertising: Quick Tips

By Hannah Ketelhut Jason Dodge from Black Truck Media shared with our members last Tuesday about the benefits of social media advertising – specifically focusing on Facebook. Having a basic knowledge of Facebook advertising will be extremely beneficial for us as students as we enter the industry. Why is Facebook advertising so effective? Jason mentioned… Continue reading Facebook Advertising: Quick Tips